General information to apply for Max Planck Tandem Groups calls

General information to apply for Max Planck Tandem Groups

Form and lead your own independent Max Planck Tandem Group at a university or research institute in Latin America!

TANDEM GROUPS are designed for high potential, early career scientists who are dedicated to research excellence.

TANDEM GROUPS are small independent research units, jointly established for a limited time of five years (plus two years after favourable evaluation) at the campus of a university or research institution in the host country in cooperation with a German Max Planck Institute.

TANDEM GROUPS are free to form and lead their self-defined research program and avail of their own autonomously administered budget.

TANDEM GROUPS are collaborating closely with one (or more) corresponding Max Planck Institutes that provide mentoring, knowhow, training and infrastructure.

TANDEM GROUP LEADERS are selected and will be evaluated by an international Scientific Commission.

TANDEM GROUPS offer excellent opportunities for high-potential young researchers (postdocs) to qualify for leadership positions in science, research and higher education.

Additional request for applicants

Special equipment and machine requirements

Laboratory equipment at the hosting institutions should correspond to general international standard. Applicants are encouraged to specify individual requirements in their applications and to list special equipment and machines required for their work.

Identification of possible scientific partners

Applicants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the research portfolios of the hosting institutions in the university or research institute in the host country and, in particular, to indicate names of researchers or research groups working on a subject area related to their own research.

With the aim of identifying suitable "match partners" for the TANDEM GROUPS in Germany, the same applies for corresponding Max Planck Institutes.

Note: It is necessary and therefore recommended to contact researchers at the MPIs directly in advance of an application.

Additional background information

Cooperation with corresponding Max Planck Institutes

Legally and administratively, the TANDEM GROUPS are scientific units at the respective host university or research centres in the host country. Their leaders and staff members have contracts of employment with Colombian institutions.

With regard to their status at the corresponding Max Planck Institutes, the leaders / members of a TANDEM GROUP will be considered “guest scientist” and will be offered the following advantages:

  • aaccess to the scientific infrastructure, special laboratories and equipment,
  • access to the training program of the International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) for excellent doctoral candidates,
  • scientific advice and support at regular intervals by at least one Director or PI at the respective Max Planck Institute.

The joint activities of the TANDEM GROUPS with their German cooperation partners could comprise:

  • exchange of doctoral candidates and postdocs,
  • joint research activities,
  • joint seminars and workshops as well as
  • other activities necessary for implementing the research program of the GROUPS.
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